Catherine Cossey

I help instrumental teachers do what they love and love what they do.


Catherine is a passionate educator, business owner and lecturer with over 20 years of experience as a piano teacher and pre-school music teacher. She is the Founder and Director of The Piano School, Coventry.

As a lecturer, she leads modules for Undergraduate and Masters students on Instrumental Teaching and Pedagogy. She is also a guest lecturer for the Piano Teachers’ Course (UK) and has presented at the Music and Drama Education Expo. Previously, she worked as an Internal Assessor and the Director of Assessment for the Certificate of Music Educators.

In 2016, Catherine was awarded a Masters with Distinction in Instrumental Teaching from the University of Reading. She has a particular interest in the use of improvisation in piano lessons, and her research into this is the basis for The Improvisation Project.

Catherine lives in Coventry with her husband Matt, also a pianist and piano teacher, and their two sons. She is a member of EPTA (UK) and The Curious Piano Teachers.


You love instrumental teaching. It is a real privilege to work with your students, share your passion for music, and help guide them to achieve their musical potential. However, you’re also feeling frustrated. Perhaps you feel bogged down by everything involved in running a business – admin, bookkeeping, finding new students – and it’s taking your energy away from your teaching. Or perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of training the next generation of musicians and you’re questioning if you’re up to the task.

That’s where I can help. With 20 years’ experience as an instrumental teacher, business owner and lecturer, I am uniquely placed to support you as you work on all areas of your teaching practice. My mission is to help you do what you love and love what you do.

Do what you love – be supported as you put systems in place that keep your business running smoothly with minimal effort and allow you to focus on what you love – teaching!

Love what you do – be empowered to move your teaching to the next level and truly love every lesson you teach

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Catherine is an experienced lecturer and speaker. She has worked extensively in Higher Education and is a regular guest lecturer for The Piano Teachers’ Course. In 2018 she presented at The Music and Drama Education Expo on how to set up a music school.

Catherine is known for her fun and creative approach that brings together research and practical application. She offers lectures and workshops on a variety of pedagogy and business related issues.

The Improvisation Project

The Improvisation Project came about through Catherine’s research into the teaching of improvisation in piano lessons in the UK. The purpose of the project is to share practical ways improvisation can be taught in instrumental lessons and to encourage teachers to include improvisation more both in their teaching and their own personal playing.

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